Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From Holy Land to Holy Land


I am currently on the train from downtown Rome to the airport, where I'll be heading to Damascus! It's been a restful day, as I've slept a lot to prepare for my 230am arrival to Damascus (don't really know what I'm gonna do when I get there at such a strange hour). I ate some pizza an hour or so ago in front of the colosseum, which was amazing. I wish you all could have seen it. 
I was feeling super lonely and having a rough time until I met some australians last night...it's scary to be alone somewhere until you realize that there are kind people all around, you just have to be brave and start up a conversation! Oh! And with the Australians was a girl from NY, who is backpacking around for a month alone too! And obviously, if a girl can do it, then I can too! (chalk one up to the God of the universe for that bit of encouragement, and for my "boys are tougher than girls" spirit!) We all went out on the town and wandered the streets, and I even met some Israeli guys who raved about their great country.  I'm getting much more comfortable being on my own, and I really love getting to sit and think a lot.  
Let it be known that I have no idea what I'm in for when I show up in the middle east. I've heard so many things from so many people about this small, yet closely watched place, and I really am excited to see for myself.
I love you all and I'll write you more soon!   


  1. Glad to hear you are doing well. In all your alone time I hope you are able to hear the voice of God. Be safe.

  2. Glad you arrived in Damascus safely. Solitude is sometimes good. It allows us to reflect on the really important things in our life; spend time searching for God's guidance; and remember just how important the wonderful relationships with other special people that God has allowed us to be apart of really are.
    Be safe and God bless you.
    Tomorrow, your Middle East experience begins. You are in the cradel of civilization, having the glorious opportunity to walk over the same paths that Jeasus and his disciples traveled. May the voice of God speak to you as your amazing journey begins, and may you discover what God has in store for you as you continue to stepout on faith and follow ypiur heart.